Phasmophobia Gets New Offline Single Player Mode


Phasmophobia has been available on Steam early access since 2020, which marks a year since the public has had contact with the game’s content. To celebrate the occasion, the production team announced that the title has received a new single player mode that allows you to further explore this world of supernatural possibilities.

According to the information disclosed, the public will have the chance to have fun in an option that does not require constant connection to the game servers. The gameplay style still remains very similar to what we’ve already seen: you have to pick up the equipment from the van, go to a suspicious location and venture out in search of ghosts.

Added to that, it was also mentioned that this update brings some minor tweaks to the title, such as the ability to cross-reference ghost evidence noted in the diary and a new design for the page where you can see such data.

Phasmophobia is available exclusively for PC.


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