Phasmophobia Fans Say Big Cards are “Boring” and Too Big


Since its release in September 2020, Phasmophobia has achieved great success, becoming one of the highest rated games on Steam at the time, as well as influencing subsequent games. And all this while the game is in early access. Games such as Ghost Exile and Ghost Watchers followed in his footsteps, and Kinetic’s paranormal cooperative release had a big impact on the indie horror scene. Of course, it’s by no means perfect, and some fans have been discussing one thing they’re unhappy about.

According to PCGamesN, fans on Reddit have shared their opinions about some Phasmophobia maps that they would like to see in a potential future update. Along with a survey suggesting places like a movie theater, a corporate building, or a circus, some people expressed their frustration about the game’s big cards. One of the critics said that on larger levels, such as a prison or a shelter, it is very difficult to find a room inhabited by a ghost. As a result, some fans believe that there is little entertainment in these places, and one user simply said that large maps are “boring”.

This may be a response to the recent phasmophobia update, which added new complexity and changed the shelter level. The shelter was modified by the developer and became the Sunny Meadows map. However, according to the game’s wiki page, it’s still a huge map. Containing 70 rooms, which is slightly less than the original level, where there were 78, it is still considered the largest location in the entire game. Some on the Reddit thread have expressed some criticism about the proposed maps, saying that some of them could theoretically be as big as a shelter, unless some of them are cordoned off.

What type of map would you like to see? from the game phasmophobia

Of course, ghosts are a key aspect of the game. Back in June, three new ghosts were added to Phasmophobia: Deogen, Moroi and Tay. In the patch notes, details about these entities were intentionally sparse, which set the players the task of figuring out their habits.

However, ghosts don’t really matter if players can’t find them as they wander through huge levels getting lost. This may be one of the best multiplayer horror games, but it looks like fans need additional smaller maps. After all, the last thing that was added was last Halloween’s Maple Lodge campground, which isn’t as big as a shelter or a prison, but is quite significant compared to house maps.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.


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