Phasmophobia continues to sweep Steam


The Kinetic Games video game, available in early access version since mid-September, continues to be a global trend.

Phasmophobia is once again the best-selling video game in the world on Steam. The Valve portal, a reflection of global trends in computer titles, helps us understand that this cooperative horror proposal for up to four players and VR compatibility has combined its paranormal theme to also be a game with sales within the reach of very few.

Phasmophobia: the best seller; also among the most played and most viewed

Above games like Cyberpunk 2077, which is finalizing its last weeks of promotion of reservations; and others such as Tabletop Simulator and The Outer Worlds, both on temporary offer with a 50% discount, the most remarkable thing is that it manages to overcome the two viral phenomena of this second half of 2020: Among Us and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. While the first has become the daily meeting in the streams of influencers and stars from the world of sports, the second opens its second season with records that are very far from those of the first season.

On the SteamCharts portal it also appears with one of the most played titles today, with exponential monthly growth; only similar to the one that Fall Guys registered this past August and that of Among Us in September. In the absence of knowing how long the momentum of Phasmophobia will last, this cooperative proposal is currently in the seventh position of the most played titles on the Valve portal with a daily average of 48,412 players; its peak is 86,576 concurrent users and a total of 27.9 million hours of recorded gameplay.

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For its part, portals such as Sully Gnome indicate that it is the tenth most watched game (not counting channels with an undefined theme). For the past seven, the Kinetic title has reached a peak viewer rating of more than 152,000, with numbers similar to other top hits of today like Valorant and Minecraft.

Phasmophobia is available in early access for PC via Steam. In case you are thinking of playing it, in this article we review the minimum and recommended system requirements.


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