Phase 4 Finally Realizes Nick Fury’s First True Avengers Dream


Attention: SPOILERS for the second episode of “Miss Marvel”.

Episode 2 of “Miss Marvel” proves that Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally realizing Nick Fury’s original dream of the Avengers. Episode 2 of “Miss Marvel” added even more intrigue to the mystery of Kamala Khan’s origin, family and bracelet, which revealed her powers. In addition, he revealed more Damage Control goals in the show. The presence of Damage Control in this episode, in particular, refers to Nick Fury’s original Avengers plan.

Towards the end of the 2nd episode of “Miss Marvel”, Kamala is forced to put on the Captain Marvel cosplay again in order to save a boy who is hanging from one of the high towers of the mosque. Fortunately, Kamala is doing a better job with her powers than in the last episode, after a fun training montage with her friend Bruno at the beginning of the show. Kamala manages to save the boy, but before she can get him to safety completely, her concentration is disrupted by a vision of a woman who later turns out to be the mother of Kamala’s lover, Kamran (at least, it seems so). Although Kamala eventually manages to save the boy, this rescue turned out to be more clumsy than she had hoped. However, before she has time to catch her breath in the alley behind the mosque, the damage control service suddenly ambushes her, and Kamala manages to escape only with the help of Kamran.

It seems that Damage Control in the MCU has taken on a more extensive role than its comic book counterpart. In Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home, Damage Control chased Peter Parker and his friends, and now, in Miss Marvel, Damage Control seems to want to capture and interrogate Kamala Khan. In the first arc of Marvel’s Civil War comics, Damage Control was responsible for evaluating and training registered superhumans. It is quite possible that this is the direction that MCU Damage Control is also leaning towards, which to some extent explains why they pursued Peter Parker so harshly, and why they are pursuing Kamala now. However, the interesting thing about damage control techniques in the second episode of “Miss Marvel” is that they closely resemble Nick Fury’s original Avengers plan: using repurposed technology to combat “enhanced” targets.

In the first joint MCU movie, “The Avengers,” Nick Fury’s plan becomes clear. Although his initial hope for the Avengers Initiative was to “bring together a group of wonderful people,” he wasn’t very lucky until Agent Coulson’s death forced the first Avengers to come together to fight Loki’s Chitauri army. The opening scenes of the film demonstrate what Fury’s original plan was when he realized that assembling the Avengers would not be as easy as he had hoped. Instead, Fury decided to use the repurposed HYDRA technology and the power of the Tesseract to create weapons that could protect Earth from hostile enhanced personalities. Thor himself and the Destroyer Loki, for example, both posed such a threat, and Fury hoped he could arm S.H.I.E.L.D. with superior weaponry in case they couldn’t rely on the superheroes who had declared themselves to the world. Although the Avengers eventually came together, as Fury had hoped, he did not give up on his dream of using repurposed technology to protect Earth from external threats. The helicarriers that Steve Rogers and his team destroy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier were a continuation of this original plan.

What’s interesting about Damage Control is that they use a very similar strategy. However, instead of HYDRA or any other alien technology, Damage Control decided to repurpose Stark’s drones, as shown in Spider-Man: Far From Home, to help them target and catch improved humans. It’s the same idea as Fury’s, though perhaps in a less extreme form. Fortunately, Kamala manages to destroy several drones and drive Kamran’s car. But the danger of using Damage Control of such technologies is real — just as Fury did not realize that someone else was behind the creation of helicarriers, something more sinister may be behind the use of Damage Control of these drones. Let’s hope that the next episode of “Miss Marvel” will explain what Damage Control really does.