Phase 4 Finally Makes the Civil War Avengers Complaint Look Silly


The way Marvel handles the Avengers in Phase 4 finally shows how stupid General Ross was to complain about the damage in Captain America: Standoff. One point of contention on the internet is the fact that the Avengers were reckless in their first battle in New York, causing unnecessary destruction. In “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” the team destroys Sokovia, leaving many dead and an entire land mass displaced, and they don’t seem to need to pay or even clean up their mess. This battle takes the MCU to Captain America: Civil War, where the Avengers must face this criticism.

In this movie, General Ross uses the number of casualties and monetary damage caused by various Avengers battles to prove his point against superheroes who have complete freedom to act independently. Showing footage of the Battle for New York, he points out that 74 passers-by were killed, and financial losses amounted to $ 88 billion. The damage to the movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, which mainly featured the heroes attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter under the control of HYDRA, amounted to $208 billion and 23 dead. In Age of Ultron, the battle results in the deaths of 177 Sokovians and damages amounting to $474 billion.

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While the Avengers should be held accountable for the destruction they cause, especially after Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ross’ complaint is unfair. The team effectively saves the world and protects everything that is left more than it destroys what is there. The intentions of the Avengers should be taken into account, because it’s not that they destroy buildings or cause damage thoughtlessly. Rather, they do what they think is right and necessary in the heat of battle, using everything possible to defeat the villains. The idea that the Avengers do more harm than good is debatable because things would be much worse without them. If there weren’t superheroes fighting for them in the cities or territories that the Avengers damaged, everyone in the area would be dead, displaced, or enslaved. Thus, despite the fact that cities cost billions and billions of dollars after each battle, they have more than proved their value.

The Avengers make a Lot of money for the US

It is also worth considering that in the MCU, the Avengers are, in fact, the royal family of the United States, since they are a lucrative tourist asset. So far, in Phase 4 from Marvel Studios, it has been shown that the Avengers are the favorite group of heroes that the masses idolize after the events of Avengers: Finale. In the post-Avengers universe, there’s the much-publicized Captain America musical, a brand-new Statue of Liberty, AvengerCon in Miss Marvel, Wakanda tours, toys and merchandise, a podcast, and books about their exploits. Even if that wasn’t their intention, the Avengers have actually created an entire industry that compensates for the billions of dollars of damage they caused in films before Phase 4.

Thus, the idea of “Captain America: Confrontation” that the Avengers do more harm than good does not quite stand up to criticism both from a financial point of view and in the interests of maintaining the well-being of the planet. In fact, those in the MCU must either deal with the damage of the Avengers and save their world, or accept the rejection of all this.


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