Pharrell Williams says he’s not “Justified” for Timberlake


Pharrell Williams has confessed that almost all the songs on the album “Justified” were not intended for Justin Timberlake, but for Michael Jackson!

Pharrell Williams has claimed that “all but one” of the tracks on Justin Timberlake’s debut album ‘Justified’ were originally written for Michael Jackson.

Speaking on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs podcast, Pharrell revealed that he regularly sent beats to both Jackson and Prince, seemingly without success.

“John McClain was his manager at the time,” explained the Neptunes producer. “We send you almost all the stuff that you’re listening to on the ‘Justified’ album. That’s all for Michael. ”

According to Pharrell, nearly all of the songs on Timberlake’s 2002 debut were written with Jackson in mind. “All but one song, all were written for Michael,” he said.

Why was Michael Jackson no longer interested in Pharrell’s music?

The producer claimed that Michael Jackson was not interested in the tracks on offer, suggesting that he wanted something closer in style to the 1998 collaboration with Pharrell’s NORE.

“John McClain said, ‘Man, Michael doesn’t want that sh * t,'” the ‘Entrepeneur’ singer told the host. “‘He wants that sh * t you’re giving Noreaga … he wants that’ Superthug ‘”.

On Friday (December 18), Pharrell Williams intervened in the recent feud between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, after the latter notoriously bought the singer’s old record label and the master rights to her first six albums.

“It’s really unfortunate, you know,” she told Variety. “There was room for him to do his acquisition because that’s the way the business is, and I felt sorry for her and couldn’t be in control.”

The NERD man also unveiled a new nonprofit initiative this month. Black Ambition will support Black and Latino entrepreneurs.

Pharrell’s charity is said to be committed to leveling the playing field for non-white entrepreneurs by providing them with funding, opportunities, mentorship and access.


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