Pharrell Confirmed That a Collaboration With BTS Is on The Way


It’s official: Fans can count on at least one new collaboration between BTS and Pharrell Williams (and possibly more)!

On November 1, Rolling Stone magazine published an exclusive interview between RM from BTS and Pharrell, in which the two artists chatted about music, life and much more.

Towards the end of the interview, Pharrell revealed the exciting news that he has joined forces with BTS to record a song for his upcoming album “Phfriends”.

The American artist and producer shared: “Well, my project is called… it’s [under] my name, and the name of the album is “Phfriends”. This is the first volume. You guys [BTS] are there, obviously. And I’m actually talking about it more than I should, but it’s a song from my album that [BTS] sang, and it’s amazing, and I’m very grateful.”

RM chimed in, “I just like this song,” to which Pharrell agreed, “I like it too.”… Everyone who hears her is like, “Wow.”

Pharrell then invited RM to work on his upcoming solo album, which increased the likelihood of a second collaboration between the two singers.

Referring to RM’s new solo album, which was officially announced by Big Hit Music on November 1 by KST, Pharrell said: “I’ll just lay it out. You said you were 90 percent ready for your solo album. But if within these last 10 percent, if you need… You don’t need me, but I mean…

RM interjected, “I’ve always needed you for 15 years,” and Pharrell continued, “Well, if you want to do something, we can really do it.” In confirmation that the two could indeed team up for his upcoming album, RM replied: “Please… it is a great honor and gratitude for me.”

Are you excited to see what BTS and Pharrell Williams have prepared?

You can read the full Rolling Stone magazine interview between RM and Pharrell here or watch the video version below!


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