A Pharmaceutical Company Develops Smart Phone-Based Coronavirus Diagnosis Kit


French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi is working with a US-based Luminostics on a smartphone-based coronavirus diagnostic kit. With the test that will be on the market at the end of the year, smart phones will be able to perform coronavirus testing.

Almost all countries in the world are struggling with the coronavirus outbreak, while studies on coronavirus tests are ongoing. Two companies from France and the United States are working together to enable people to perform a coronavirus test on their own.

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi and the US company Luminostics are working on a coronavirus test that can be done with smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Both companies announced that the test could be on the market at the end of the year.

Samples will be examined with a device connected to the smartphone
The California-based company Luminostics has already developed a smartphone-based diagnostic platform that can detect substances such as bacteria, viruses, small molecules, hormones and proteins. The nanoparticles on the diagnostic platform developed by Luminostics bind to the substance with their targets and a glowing chemical reaction occurs.

Those who use the system, which is now being re-adapted for the coronavirus, will first take a sample of mucus from their nose through a stick. Then the stick with mucus sample will be placed in the device containing nano-particle reagents and the device will be connected to the smartphone via an adapter.

If there is a virus in the mucus sample that the user takes from his nose, the nano material will shine. The smartphone’s camera will also capture the signals of this glare. The signals captured by the camera will be processed by artificial intelligence. The application installed on the phone will also present the results obtained by artificial intelligence to the user.

Smartphone-based coronavirus testing may be available at the end of the year
The two companies that have developed this smartphone-based coronavirus diagnostic test have announced that the platform, which will also be sold online, will reduce the intensive contact of health and laboratory staff with the virus.

Sanofi, one of the developers of the coronavirus test, whose work is still underway, announced that they will deliver it to all parts of the world after the test is approved. The company, which is also working to develop a coronavirus vaccine, has announced that the smartphone-based coronavirus test may be available at the end of the year.


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