Phantom Black: the new color of the Galaxy S21 Ultra


Samsung detailed in video how the creation of Phantom Black was, the black tone adopted as one of the alternative colors of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The model is the most powerful version of the new generation of smartphones by the South Korean manufacturer, which unveiled this Thursday (14) the new family of cell phones.

In the clip, the company shows that shades of black are at the same time widely used in various products of all sizes, from cars to mobile devices, but difficult to be modernized by designers.

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Phantom Black is “true at any angle and reflection of light” and was adopted after different tests, including with various types of materials. The secret, in fact, was to reduce the intensity of glass, reduce processes and adopt a “less is more” style.

Samsung shows the creation of the film, made of materials that were not used by the brand and absorb a lot of light. Then, the transparent layer was developed to preserve the original color. The result is a matte finish with a luxurious look that, according to the brand, brings “a sophisticated and timeless look”.

The new devices arrive on January 29 on the international market, and the Galaxy 21 Ultra costs US $ 1,199 – about R $ 6,200 in direct currency conversion, but still without the official price for the country. Brazilian consumers for now can only register on a special Samsung website to receive first-hand information about the launch.

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