Phantom and BitTorrent Price Prospects!


Although Bitcoin is trying to find its direction, FTM and BTT are positive, the rise continues. Phantom has been making a comeback recently, making steady gains since Dec. Over the past week, FTM alone had gained 54.2%. However, BitTorrent has exhibited limited price action over the past few weeks.

Phantom (FTM) 2022 Price Target

In the last 24 hours, FTM has increased by 2%. At the time of writing, the price of Phantom failed to break the $2.19 levels and $2.44 resistance again. If the bulls are back in the game, FTM price could break above $2.44 in the short term, starting a stronger upward move.

If the price drops below here, the $1.74 and $1.39 supports will be decisive for deeper bottoms. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows that the strength of the buyers is decreasing. The Awesome Oscillator also showed a slight bearish trend in the market; however, AO could witness an uptick if buyers stay in the market. MACD showed red histograms after entering a bearish trend; indicators mainly gave signs of an impending price change.

In the first bull of next year, FTM is expected to close above $2.53 and reach its targets of $3.16 and $3.51. Of course, this possibility is based on the assumption that we will not spend a whole year in a bear market.

BitTorrent (BTT) 2022 Price Target

BitTorrent continues to find buyers at $ 0.0027. BTT is one of the cryptocurrencies that rises by 2%, albeit weakly, in the falling markets. The price has been making movements between $0.0029 and $0.0023 for a while, and now it can decide on its direction. BTT broke through the $0.0029 resistance zone, but could not stay here, now this zone is turning into a serious ceiling for BTT.

The Relative Strength Index shows the rise of sellers in the indicator market. BTT may experience some price fluctuations as the Bollinger Bands open. MACD confirms the downtrend. Next year, the price should break above the $0.0029 resistance and move towards the 0.0033 target. Thus, the falling trend in September will be broken. With the break of this trend, the door to $ 0.0053 levels can be opened. Assuming that 2022 will be full of buyers, we can say that the $0.01 resistance test can be tried again after months.