PGA TOUR 2K21, Analysis. Putt to the hole


We are entering the most serious attempt to return golf to the video game, after years of ostracism. More than 15 years, soon to be said, have passed since the supposed heyday of golf games.

More than 15 years ago, Electronic Arts joined the PGA Tour license and its then franchise player Tiger Woods. But annual delivery after annual delivery, its quality waned along with the interest of the players, until it was decided not to continue with the saga. HB Studios, which had already done collaborative work with the Californian giant, took over the reins of the franchise in 2014 with its The Golf Club and in 2018 2K would arrive to publish it. With this year’s installment, PGA TOUR 2K21 makes its transition into the 2K sports family official in the hopes of giving fans of the sport an updated game that lives up to the times. And in a way it has been achieved.

The fundamentals works (and very well)

Of the set that makes up PGA TOUR 2K21, there are 3 large groups: the things that work very well, the things that have good potential and the things that need to be improved. When we were at the game’s presentation a few weeks ago, the question that MeriStation asked the development team was the following: “After the arrival of 2K and seeing that the core of the game already worked in the previous The Golf Club, is it logical to think that a good part of the effort has been focused on the accessory part (presentation, production values, etc.)? ”. The answer was resounding: yes, indeed. Well, there is still a long way to go in that regard and it is without a doubt the part that looks the least in the title. And that’s because the bottom line, the core of what makes this game a good game of golf, works.

Above all, there are two vital points that must not fail: how the feeling of a game is transferred to the player – with all the possibilities that exist on the field – and that the physics of what we are seeing on the screen correspond with what happens in a real field. A humble 24 handicap like this writer who subscribes may reflect that he is not the best player in the world but it is enough to be able to appreciate if what the game transmits to us is adapted, saving the distances, to what is experienced in the street or in the green and we were very satisfied in that regard. To the point that sometimes it has made us more excited to complete a saving par on the 17th hole that, if we did not hole out, it complicated the classification at the end of the season than many of the sensations on the real course. And that, which reminds us a lot of the long nights we had spent tournament after tournament with the old Tiger Woods deliveries, is a very good sign.

For those who have never tried any of the 3 previous versions of The Golf Club, this is a golf simulator. Simulator compared to the EA versions, very well presented but also more arcade, and with the added value of not losing an iota of accessibility. New customization modes have been added to make the game experience to our liking, although playing in “normal”, by default, it has seemed a bit simple. From the Pro, things are already starting to get tense because the swing has been remodeled (which will be something that we will need to master as soon as possible) and you need a mouse control and a fairly precise timing to start nailing those birdies .


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