Pfizer, Who Gave Hope To The Whole World With A Vaccine


Pfizer: US-based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that it has developed a new drug against COVID-19 and will start clinical trials of this drug. The drug, which stops the enzyme action that enables the coronavirus to activate in the body, may be a new weapon against the global epidemic. Pfizer, which developed the coronavirus vaccine with BioNTech, has now announced that it has developed a medicine for the disease that is plaguing the whole world. This drug, which has begun to be tested on patients and is taken orally, stops the enzyme activity that activates the coronavirus entering the body. Thus, it is thought that the spread of the disease in the body can be stopped directly.

According to the statements made by Pfizer, the drug, which is in the clinical trial stage, will be administered to 1,140 patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not hospitalized. All of these patients will be selected from individuals who are not at serious risk. If the benefit of the drug is seen, a brand new era will have started regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to the statements made by the drug company, subjects will take low-dose ritonavir with the Pfizer pill. Ritonavir is a drug that has been known for a long time and is especially used for HIV. Although the hope of the experts suggests that the drug may be effective, it should be said that there is still a long time for this drug to be used.


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