Pfizer rejects Bolsonaro’s demands for vaccine sales


Pre19.sident Jair Bolsonaro took yet another setback in his decisions to combat the new coronavirus. Pfizer announced on Monday 22 that it has not reached an agreement with the Brazilian government to distribute its vaccine against covid-19.

The company wants exemption from liability in case of complications due to adverse effects of its immunization, something considered common by Pfizer in vaccine sales contracts.

There are two other divergent points between the Brazilian government and the pharmaceutical company. The first concerns solutions to possible legal problems. If they do, Pfizer wants the New York Arbitration Court in the United States to handle the case.

The second has a direct relationship with the payment of the immunizer. The company does not give up a credit guarantee fund with an account abroad for the purchase of vaccines. It also determines that the federal government uses its international assets for the acquisition.

After the announcement that the vaccine should be kept in a freezer at a temperature of -70 ° C, Pfizer reported that the compound can be kept between -25 ° C and -15 ° C, for a period of up to two weeks, which makes the distribution of the immunizing agent in the main Brazilian cities viable.

Proven effectiveness

The first real study of the vaccine’s effectiveness (unlike clinical trials) was done in Israel and found 89.4% infection prevention. It is worth remembering that the entire population of the country has been immunized with the Pfizer vaccine.

The United States has applied more than 40 million doses of the immunizer. So far, only Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina have not accepted the standard contract to buy the vaccine in South America.


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