Pfizer launches COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the US


Searching for alternatives to face the obstacles it will have in the distribution of its immunization against covid-19, when it is released by the regulatory agencies, Pfizer launched a vaccine delivery program in the United States, this Tuesday (17).

The vaccine delivery system to combat the new coronavirus will be tested in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Tennessee. They were chosen according to criteria such as differences in general size, immunization infrastructure and diversity of populations, in addition to requiring arrival in various urban and rural areas.

According to Pfizer, the regions included in the test will have no advantage when the immunizer is available nor will they receive any other differential considerations. The four states will receive doses at the same time as other locations.

The vaccine delivery pilot project could serve as a basis for delivering the product to other regions of the planet, especially in the warmer areas. Since the immunizer needs to be shipped and stored at minus 70 degrees, tests done by the pharmacist will be essential to verify the effectiveness of the distribution.

Option for Brazil

In addition to the delivery of vaccines that will be tested in the USA, the pharmaceutical company thinks of other alternatives to distribute the immunizer in tropical regions, due to the storage requirements of the product, with temperatures similar to those registered in the South Pole, during the winter.

Last week, Pfizer Brasil president Carlos Murillo said the company plans to use a special package with dry ice, capable of storing the vaccine for up to 15 days at the required temperature. After defrosting, it can be kept in common refrigerators for five days, for application.

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