Pfizer covid-19 vaccine 90% effective, study finds


Representatives of the companies Pfizer and BioNTech revealed on Monday (9) to the BBC in London that a preliminary analysis made with the first vaccine against the coronavirus shows that it is able to prevent more than 90% of people from contracting covid-19.

Describing today’s date as “a great day for science and humanity”, the developers revealed that the companies will apply for emergency approval for the use of the vaccine by the end of this month.

The result makes the U.S. pharmaceutical company and the German biotechnology laboratory, BioNTech, the first drug manufacturers to officially present the success of a large-scale clinical trial, in which 43.5 thousand people were tested in six countries, including in Brazil.

How does the Pfizer vaccine work?
Scientists take a part of the virus’ genetic code, RNA, which guides the production of proteins in cells, and coat it with a lipid to be able to enter the body’s cells.

This is injected into the patient.

The biological molecule enters the cells and tells them to produce the coronavirus “spike” protein. This causes the immune system to produce antibodies and activate T cells, which will destroy infected cells.

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