Pfizer begins testing Covid 19 pills in humans


Pfizer, a US-based pharmaceutical company, started testing the Covid 19 pill in humans. Pfizer jointly developed the Covid 19 vaccine with BioNTech. The success rate of the Covid 19 vaccine they developed is stated as 95 percent. Thanks to the Covid 19 pill, which Pfizer started human tests, healthcare professionals and early-stage Covid 19 patients will be protected from the virus.

Covid 19 pills can prevent the virus from reproducing

The pill attaches to an enzyme called protease to prevent the virus from multiplying. Drugs that inhibit the protease enzyme have previously been successful in treating HIV and other types of viruses including Hepatitis C.

“Given the mutation of SARS-CoV-2 and the ongoing global impact of Covid-19, it seems likely that access to treatment options will be critical, both now and beyond the outbreak. ” said.

It is stated that the Covid 19 pill developed by Pfizer is the second drug to reach human experiments. The application of antibodies developed previously is quite laborious. There are also logistical challenges that make antibodies difficult to use. It is stated that early-stage Covid 19 patients will be protected from the virus thanks to the pill. In addition, healthcare professionals will be able to protect better from Covid 19 by using these pills.

“If everything goes well, Pfizer could start phase 2 or even phase 3 trials early in the second quarter of 2021,” says Dolsten. The Food and Drug Administration can grant an authorization for early use of the Covid 19 pill based on how the outbreak is progressing. “Then the game will change,” he said.

According to another statement by Mikael Dolsten, Covid 19 pills achieved successful results against many corona viruses, including SARS virus and MERS. Finally, Pfizer announced that it plans to share more data on the compound of the Covid 19 pill at the American Chemical Society meeting on April 6.


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