Pfizer and BioNTech create powder version of the vaccine


Through a process called “freeze-drying”, Pfizer and BioNTech want to develop a powder version of their vaccine against Covid-19. The procedure would basically consist of “removing the water” from the product.

The intention is that the practice can reduce the need for conservation in special freezers, which have the capacity for very low temperatures – up to -70 ° C. Thus, the distribution of the immunizer would have easier logistics.

The standard adopted worldwide for storage of vaccines is a temperature range between 2 ° C and 8 ° C. Thus, homemade refrigerators could accommodate them. However, the need developed by Pfizer obliges interested countries to use or purchase special freezers – which are not present in Brazil.

According to a statement released by the North American pharmaceutical company, if the development is successful, the company must request authorization – even separate – for this new format. The results are expected by 2022.

“If the development of the new version is successful, there is a good chance that we will seek a separate authorization or license for this presentation, or an expansion of the initial authorization or license to cover a lyophilized formulation.”

How would it work?

The lyophilized vaccine would be transformed into powder in a low temperature environment, with the aim of carrying out the transport. Upon reaching the destination, the immunizer would be returned to a liquid state to be applied to people.

In the case of Brazil, it is worth remembering that, according to Pfizer, 70 million doses of the vaccine against the new coronavirus have already been offered to the federal government, with a term until the end of 2021. However, the three attempts at negotiation have not been successful.

So, what did you think of the idea of ​​transforming the immunizer into powder to facilitate transport? Comment with us!


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