Peyton Manning’s Choice of Clothes at the College World Series Has Gone Viral


Peyton Manning has turned a random word into an iconic representation of his outstanding football legacy.

The classic beep of the great Omaha quarterback has become synonymous with his personality.

On Friday, Manning went to the namesake of this challenge before filming, taking part in the first day of the College World Series in Omaha.

A photo of Manning wearing his trademark Omaha cap went viral on Twitter.

In his career after the game, Manning founded his company Omaha Productions. Earlier this week, the company expanded its relationship with ESPN, adding many new podcasts to the network in addition to the innovative Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli.

Manning’s alma mater, Tennessee, lost to Notre Dame in three games during the Knoxville Super Regional last week. The Fighting Irish defeated Texas 7-3 in yesterday’s contest.

Notre Dame will face the Oklahoma Sooners on Sunday.