Peugeot introduces its electric commercial vehicle e-Rifter


Peugeot introduced the e-Rifter, a fully electric version of the Rifter model produced since 2018. The e-Rifter is designed for commercial solutions with a towing capacity of 750 kilograms and a luggage volume of 4 thousand liters. Powered by a single electric motor, the e-Rifter will produce 136 Nm of torque with 134 horsepower. Its top speed will be 134 km per hour, and will be powered by the 50 kWh battery in the trunk floor.

All-electric commercial: Peugeot e-Rifter

With a full charge of 275 km, the range of the vehicle is even lower when fully loaded. The E-Rifter comes standard with a 7.4 kW single-phase charger, upgradeable to an optional 11 kW three-phase wall charger. A full charge from the 7.4 kW socket takes 7.5 hours, while the 11 kW version takes up to five hours. The vehicle is also available for DC charging.

The design of the vehicle is the same as the regular Peugeot Rifter. The vehicle with an 8-inch touch screen has an 8-speed fully automatic transmission. The model, which also includes safety technologies, has many features such as lane tracking assistant, anti-collision braking system, automatic high beam assistant. Although it does not have a 360-degree camera system, the 180-degree rear view camera on the tailgate helps parking.


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