Peter Schiff: “Bitcoin (BTC) Can Also Be Hacked”


After the hacking scandal on Twitter, Peter Schiff believes that Bitcoin can also be hacked. In his new tweet, Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, claimed that Bitcoin itself could be hacked after a number of important cryptocurrency accounts were seized to promote crypto-fraud. Schiff said:

“It appears that all verified Twitter accounts have been hacked by someone who has executed a Bitcoin deception. It was an advantage not to be verified for the first time. Is this a harbinger of the hacking of Bitcoin itself? ”

Bitcoin critic Schiff called on his followers to stay on the safe side by investing in gold.

How Frauds Hacked Twitter

As we reported last night, the official Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and other prominent personalities were seized by hackers on July 15 to advertise a Bitcoin fraud.

Fraudsters promised to double the amount of Bitcoin sent to their addresses, which of course was a terrible lie. Fraud occurred immediately after many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, began to announce a bogus partnership with “CryptoForHealth”.

Later it turned out that the bad actors managed to access the Twitter panel, and in this way they began to check the accounts one by one.

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