Peter Parker condemned threats after change


Bryan Intihar receives threats on social media due to the change of actor to play Peter Parker in the remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In recent days it has become clear that the change of actor to play Peter Parker in the remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man that will come to PS5 has not liked the community, no matter how much Insomniac Games has come to the fore to give explanations . Unfortunately, and as often happens in these cases, this matter has gone well beyond simple complaints, and Bryan Intihar, director of the game, has confessed on Twitter that he has received more than serious threats from many fans.

“To our Spidey fans: I totally appreciate your passion, but send me threatening notes that say ‘WE’LL LOOK FOR YOU AND WE’LL FIND YOU! FIX THIS! ‘It’s not right, ”Intihar said on his profile. “With what is happening in the world today, let us be a force for good and respect for others. Thank you ”, he concludes.

Industry supports Intihar

Fortunately, Intihar has not been slow to receive support from multiple personalities in the sector. “Do you know who would send threatening notes to my brother Spider-Man? Norman Osborn, Mr. Negative and Doctor Octopus, ”said Bill Rosemann, Vice President of Marvel Games. “Spider-Man fans, in your life story, are you the villain or are you Peter Parker, the hero you both love? Be Peter. Be the hero. Be bigger ”.

Neil Durckmann, producer of The Last of Us 2, has also reacted, and who also had to deal with this type of inconvenience, or more specifically, Amanda Bailey, actress who plays Abby. “I’m sorry you have to deal with this crap, Bryan,” he said explicitly. Cory Barlog, director of God of War, expressed himself in similar terms. “What the hell people? Please don’t do this, ”his tweet began. “Bryan is a good person. The entire Insomniac team is full of hard working people, they are fucking good people. This is not the way. We should be better with people who do the things we love. “

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