Peter King sharply commented on the absence of Tom Brady


NBC’s Peter King doesn’t mind if Tom Brady misses some practice time.

Brady won’t be playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers anytime soon due to an undisclosed personal matter.

He’s not expected to return to the team until next week, which means he won’t play in Tampa Bay’s second preseason game.

King believes Brady should wait as long as he needs before returning.

“I think I’m serious about this deal with Tom Brady about a 10-day personal leave in the middle of training camp. Very much,” King wrote (first transcribed by NESN). “Brady has so much currency in the bank with coaches and teams regarding dedication to work and dedication to his cause that when he comes to the Bucks and says he needs 10 days, I say, ‘Take more if you need it.’ .’”

The Bucks organization doesn’t seem concerned that Brady will rust when he returns. Todd Bowles even said it at a press conference last week.

Brady is expected to return before the Bucks play the Dallas Cowboys when the regular season begins on September 11.


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