Peter Crouch Releases Charity Christmas Album with Paul Potts to Fight Oppression in Qatar


All profits from the record – titled ‘Crouchy Conducts The Classics’ – will go to LTBTQ+ charity Stonewall.

Peter Crouch has created an unusual duet with opera star Paul Potts to release a charity Christmas album “Crouchy Conducts The Classics”.

The former English footballer and Potts (who became famous after winning the Britain’s Got Talent contest in 2007) released an eight-track record on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon Music through Paddy Power Records.

According to a press release, 100% of the profits from the album will be donated to LTBTQ+ Stonewall charity in an attempt to fight oppression in Qatar, the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and beyond.

In addition, Paddy Power has committed to make a minimum donation of 25,000 pounds.

“Kruchie Conducts the Classics” shows how Crouch and Potts unexpectedly modernize popular football chants on the terrace, creating reinterpreted versions of football fans’ favorites, backed up by a magnificent orchestral score and a Paddy Power choir.

Working with renowned music director and Royal Academy of Music graduate James Radford, Crouch underwent intensive classical training before his conducting debut in the project.

“I’ve always wanted to release my own album — so what could be better than during the World Cup on Christmas?” Crouch said in a statement.

“We took the best terrace chants and added a little festive magic to them. The whole team worked hard and I am very happy with the teamwork, dedication and finished product. Thanks to Paddy Power’s banknotes and the support of people, we hope that the number one Christmas album will come home… at least.”

Potts added: “Our goal with this album is to inspire English fans to root for a team that gives the country the lift they so desperately need right now. It was an honor for me to receive a call-up to the World Cup from such an England legend as Peter. I’ve always looked up to him.”

Qatar and the organizers of the World Cup are constantly criticized in connection with the death of migrant workers during the construction of stadiums, as well as because of the host country’s views on homosexuality, which is illegal in Qatar.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is due to start this Sunday (November 20). England’s first game will be against Iran next Monday (November 21).

England coach Gareth Southgate has promised that his players will talk about human rights violations during the tournament. “We have always talked about issues that we think should be talked about, especially those that we think we can influence,” he said.

“As for the LGBT community, we stand for inclusivity, and we are very, very strong in this. We think it’s important for all our supporters.”

Last weekend, Dua Lipa denied her involvement in the 2022 World Cup amid rumors that she was supposed to perform at the opening ceremony.

“I look forward to visiting Qatar when it fulfills all the human rights promises it made when it won the right to host the World Cup,” she wrote, explaining that instead she would be “cheering England on from afar.”

Meanwhile, Rod Stewart announced that he had given up almost 1 million pounds to compete in the 2022 World Cup. “It’s not good to go,— he said. “And the Iranians should also be engaged in the supply of weapons.”

Elsewhere, comedian Joe Lycett called on David Beckham to stop collaborating with this year’s tournament.


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