Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Honestly Shares That He Is Probably Back For His 60th Birthday


Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary sports special already has a stellar cast, but given all the talent the BBC has selected for its 50th anniversary, fans are probably hoping (or waiting) for even bigger stars to appear.

There are many rumors that David Tennant will not be the only Doctor taking part in the celebration, and as a result, former actors who played this role are currently asking questions about whether they are participating in it. Peter Capaldi is one of the actors he’s been asked about, and recently shared some honest thoughts about a possible comeback. Unfortunately, if you want Peter Capaldi to return to Doctor Who, you can use an HBO Max subscription to watch past episodes. The actor recently spoke to SFX magazine (via Radio Times) about stories involving multiple doctors, and he’s not a fan. Capaldi is concerned about the lack of reasonable execution time of the characters in such episodes.

Judging by this comment, it seems that the actor will not participate in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who. So unless there are a lot of Doctors fighting for screen time in the upcoming specials, and frankly, it’s unclear if that’s the case. David Tennant is the only former Doctor officially confirmed to appear in the special episode, but some speculate that the 14th Doctor’s newcomer, actor Nkuti Gatwa, may also appear.

The question we have to ask now is, is Peter Capaldi deliberately misleading fans because he’s on stage, or does he really not care? Capaldi was a big fan of the franchise even before he landed the role, and he even campaigned for the franchise to attract big names like Tom Hanks for guest spots. Hell’s debut as a Doctor took place on his 50th birthday. Despite his declaration of love for the franchise, I still think that theoretically it might be inappropriate. However, it’s impossible not to wonder if she’s just pretending to be shy here.

If Peter Capaldi is not participating in the Doctor Who anniversary celebration in 2023, it remains to be wondered if any of the other former Doctors of the reboot era will be. Given that the special will follow the remake of The Doctor, the likelihood of a return of the Jodie Whittaker iteration seems insignificant. If you return it so soon, it may reduce its effectiveness.

Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary celebration will air in 2023 and will follow the Centennial Special, which will air in October 2022.


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