Pete Davidson Apparently removed the tattoo after breaking up with Kim Kardashian, and People “Guess What It’s About”


Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been one of the hottest (and, frankly, most unexpected) couples in Hollywood for most of this year. However, Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship reportedly ended in August after they dated for about nine months. However, the two stars seem to have peacefully severed their relationship and are currently continuing to live their lives. For Davidson, the latter involves removing a tattoo, and people seem to have a “clue” (pun intended) regarding the one he got rid of.

After a public appearance with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson had no problems showing his affection for her. One way to do this is to get a tattoo with the inscription “My girlfriend is a lawyer.” Well, it’s believed that the “Saturday Night Live” alum has now removed that ink. Earlier this week, TMZ obtained pictures of Davidson on the set of his TV show Bupkis, created by Lorne Michaels in New York. At that time, the comedian had a noticeable bandage at the bottom of his neck. Although we can’t say for sure that the “lawyer” tattoo has been removed, the bandage appears to be in the place where he made it.

Theoretically, it would be reasonable if the 28-year-old star wanted to remove this particular tattoo, which is a reference to his ex’s legal career. They’re not together anymore, so why hold on to it? To be honest, if he still has it, it can create quite awkward situations when it comes to dating. (There’s nothing better than getting close to someone and discovering that they still have a drawing on their skin dedicated to an old hobby, right?)

The sentence “lawyer” is not the only piece of ink he received in honor of his lady. Although by the time they got together, he was already removing tattoos, the actor completely immersed himself in Yellowstone for his lady, putting a “brand” with her name on his chest. The Staten Island King star also got a tattoo for the children of the SKIM founder on his neck. The cover read “KNSCP,” which was reportedly an acronym consisting of his ex-girlfriend’s first initials and the names of her four children. It’s unclear if the Suicide Squad alum has done away with these two marks.

Pete Davidson seemed to be head over heels in love with his ex-girlfriend, and reports say they got along great before they split up. However, despite their chemistry, Davidson’s stay in Australia (where he was filming the upcoming movie “Wizards”) allegedly strained the situation a little. It was also said that while dating Davidson, Kim Kardashian was not happy with the age difference between them. Although the episode of The Kardashians seemed to imply that Davidson had dumped Kim.

At the moment, Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem interested in dating anyone right after breaking up with the prankster, and seems to be focused on her business ventures. Pete Davidson, as can be seen from recent photos, has also been busy working on his upcoming TV series “Peacock” and recently promoted his new romcom “Meet Honey.” And since he continues to work, I wouldn’t be surprised if he removes one or two more tattoos in his spare time.

Those looking for hints (sorry) about how the reality TV star is handling the split can check out The Kardashians when they release new episodes to Hulu subscription holders on Thursdays.


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