Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco’s Cute New Movie “The Meeting” Makes People Feel Cheated


The series “Meet Honey” starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco is now being broadcast to Peacock subscribers. It’s about a woman who returns to relive the best first date of her life with her boyfriend Gary. Continuing to relive this day, she is trying to establish a relationship with her boyfriend, shaping him from that first date. But it turned out he was the perfect guy the whole time. While the “relive the same day” trope has already been used in films such as “Groundhog Day” and “Palm Springs,” viewers feel rather deceived by some of the themes of “Dating Cute,” claiming that it offers a negative view of how women stereotypically behave in relationships.

A few tweets and Facebook posts about the film are less than positive, they suggest that some topics are trying to say about men and women. One viewer on Facebook pointed out that the post was a bit wrong and suggested that the headline was misleading, saying:

I’m not sure if the title matches the movie. This is a hoax. It’s not really funny or cuteā€¦ I’m not sure what it is…. Is this like a detailed look at what women are doing to capture relationships, instead of just being a part of them??? And, as indicated in other comments – the ending, though….

A Twitter user found the film interesting, but he also had concerns about some plot elements.

#meetcute is such a good movie, and great acting. The only part that annoyed me was the emotional manipulation.

Another Facebook user echoed this opinion and found it hard to understand some of the messages in this movie and didn’t like what Kaley Cuoco’s character did to Pete Davidson, saying:

It’s about a girl with a BPD who unsuccessfully tries to get Pete to fall in love with her until she threatens suicide and he doesn’t give up. Terrible morale, they tried to make her manipulation and narcissism cute and romantic, it’s not… this behavior is pathological violence.

Obviously, the title led the audience in the wrong direction, not thinking that this “meeting” was very nice at all. Currently, Meet Cute receives mixed reviews: some viewers praise the film for its unique approach to the genre and the performances of Cuoco and Davidson. Others liked its complicated ending, arguing that the film added dimensions to the usual tropes of romantic comedies.

As mentioned earlier, time travel is a common theme in many films, however, in this film, Kaley Cuoco’s character is actively trying to relive the same date over and over again in order to fix her own relationship. Her mental health is a factor in this decision, which seems to be frowned upon by many users as it is used as a plot for her behavior in Meet Cute. This is certainly a controversial opinion, and I’m sure many Peacock users will have many different opinions on this aspect of the film.

Meet Cute is one of the many wonderful Peacock Originals series that are currently being broadcast. For more information about other films that will be broadcast this fall, check out our 2022 movie schedule. In addition, you can see Kaley Cuoco in “Stewardess,” which is currently being broadcast to HBO Max subscribers, and her co-star Pete Davidson in “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” in theaters.


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