Pete Carroll called the Seahawks against the No. 1 quarterback: fan reaction


Over the past few weeks, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has argued that the team is not sure who its starting quarterback will be.

In fact, he said earlier this week that the team could have two No. 1 quarterbacks. Well, he retracted those comments Thursday afternoon when he named a clear leader in the quarterback battle.

He said Geno Smith, who will start the team’s last preseason game, is ahead of former second-round pick Drew Lock. “Gino was the number one guy all the time. He’s holding on to it,” Carroll said.

Seahawks fans aren’t thrilled with this news.

“Rarely have Seahawks fans been as united on one front as ‘Please don’t Geno Smith,'” one fan said.

Others aren’t sure why the team calls it a quarterback competition if there’s a clear No.1 quarterback.

“Then don’t call it a quarterback competition, right?” said another fan.

Fans will see Smith and Lock fight for the starting position one last time. They face the Dallas Cowboys on Friday night.


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