Pete Carroll asked about the possibility of selling the Seattle Seahawks


After Paul Allen’s death in 2018, the Seattle Seahawks were controlled by Jody Allen as part of the ownership of the Paul G. Allen Trust. But does she plan to keep the team that her brother once owned?

Amid a recent bid to buy the Portland Trail Blazers—another team controlled by the Jody Allen and Paul G. Allen Trust—there are rumors that there may be offers to buy the Seahawks. But head coach Pete Carroll isn’t buying it.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Carroll said Allen had not even considered the idea of selling the team. He said he had never heard Allen discuss the idea in many conversations together.

“She never thought about it,” Carroll said, according to ProFootballTalk. “I haven’t heard her say that at all.

It is unclear what Paul Allen’s plans were for the teams he owned in the event of his passing away. ProFootballTalk noted that there were rumors that the former Microsoft executive wanted the Seahawks and Trail Blazers to be sold, and the proceeds from the sale went to charity. But these rumors were not confirmed.

Even if this wasn’t the original plan of the late Seahawks owner, the sale could still be attractive to Jody Allen. Recent sales of top sports teams such as the Denver Broncos and Chelsea FC have boosted sales to $4 billion.

Allen has not spoken to Pete Carroll about the possibility of selling the team, but if an attractive offer comes to her desk, these conversations can begin quickly.

Will the Seahawks remain the property of Jody Allen and the Allen Trust?