Pete Carroll Announces the Seahawks’ Starting Quarterback for the 2022 Season


Over the past few weeks, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has made it clear that the team has not yet made a final decision on who will be the starting quarterback.

However, earlier this week he admitted that Geno Smith is leading. “Gino was the number one guy all the time. He’s holding on to it,” Carroll said.

Well, just a few days later, Carroll knows who the Seahawks’ starting quarterback will be. He told reporters after the team’s pre-season finale that Gino Smith would be in the starting lineup.

“He’s going to start a rookie,” Carroll said. “He deserved it. He won the job.”

Here’s another thing he said via ESPN:

But Geno, he knows our stuff, and he does it very well, and he understands it, and he can manage everything we do, and he knows football well. He will give us the best chance to show great football right away.

Did Carroll make the right decision?


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