Peta Murgatroyd from DWTS says that the IVF transfer was unsuccessful: “Someday I will get my baby”


Speaking from the heart. Peta Murgatroyd has shared a devastating look at her IVF journey, revealing that her recent attempt failed.

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“Transition Day, part 2,” the 36—year-old professional “Dancing with the Stars” signed a video on Instagram on Tuesday, August 23, uploading footage from a doctor’s appointment. “I promised you all that I would be open and honest. I’ve had times when I wasn’t sure about this decision throughout my IVF journey, and even more so after we found out that our transfer didn’t work. But to go back on my word after I was such an open book would be wrong.”

In the clip, Murgatroyd was sitting in an examination room in a hospital gown and a mask covering her face due to precautions against COVID-19. Continuing to talk about her IVF experience, she told her followers that getting to know the results was “one of the saddest moments that I will never forget.”

The ballroom dancer noted: “Life is funny. When you think you’ve figured it out, it gives you a slap in the face and makes you start all over again. I continue to learn that “God’s plans will always be more beautiful than all your disappointments”… I have to keep believing in it.”

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Murgatroyd found it “so hard” to review this video, but she wanted to share every aspect of her journey with fans. “I really thought it would work,” she wrote. “Looking into Mac’s eyes when he cried, seeing our baby together… the experience was worth it, even though it turned out not to be what we had hoped.”

Murgatroyd married Maxim Chmerkovskiy in July 2017, six months after the couple’s son Shai was born. Earlier this year, the Burn the Floor graduate exclusively told Us Weekly that she and her 42-year-old husband are “possibly” interested in having twins with IVF.

“I’m still discussing this with Max. That’s a huge difference. Huge!” — said in July, a native of New Zealand. “I really want a girl… and he really wants this connection with one child. I think we’re both nervous about trying to balance the two, how to share love and be close to each child.”

Having experienced multiple pregnancy losses in the past, this summer the choreographer began documenting her IVF process. The ups and downs that she and Chmerkovskiy faced on their way to child No. 2 only brought them closer together. “When you go through something like this, it’s just a final communication session,” she told Us. “When you come to these intersections and these important decisions, taking them together and moving forward together as a family unit is so important, and I feel like we did it.”

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Reflecting on her difficult journey on Tuesday, Murgatroyd thanked other hopeful parents. “I have taken the necessary steps to begin the healing process. To sit in my feelings and feel what I need to start moving forward with an open heart,” she wrote on Instagram. “I want to thank all of you for coming with me on this journey. I can’t tell you how much your guidance and advice helped me get through my first round of IVF. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

She concluded: “I will get my baby, but not right now. …and I bow down to all the women who have been through this several times. You are warriors and give me strength every day. This shit isn’t easy.”


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