PETA Made a Statement After Kim Kardashian and North Shared Videos of Their Dogs That People Are Unhappy With


People who follow Kim Kardashian’s life understand that although she is known for many things, such as an incredibly savvy social media user who is far from afraid to post candid bikini shots, she is also no stranger to controversy. In fact, it wasn’t until early December that she had to leave Balenciaga, a high-end fashion brand, after the company became embroiled in its own controversy over an advertising campaign involving children with BDSM images. However, now PETA has made a statement about the SKIMS founder after she and her daughter North shared a video of their dogs that some people were unhappy with.

What did PETA say about Kim Kardashian’s dog video?

So, for some background, the Kardashian star has two Pomeranian puppies (named Sushi and Sake) who live with her and her four children. Shortly before the New Year, she and North posted a video on TikTok about dogs frolicking in their holiday-decorated house (the giant Christmas tree is not included this time), which, as subscribers quickly noticed, turned out to be a garage. When negative comments began to pour in, she deleted the video, which caused even more disapproving words in the account. Now PETA has stepped in, as senior vice president Lisa Lange told Page Six:

Knowing that Kim Kardashian is against fur and mostly vegan, we really hope that she won’t send her dogs to the garage. What PETA really knows is that dogs are very social pack animals who need more than just soft beds and decorative stockings: they deserve to feel safe, to be loved and to live in the house as part of the family.

Another TikTok user posted a video after it was deleted, where more negative comments appeared as people wondered why dogs were kept in the garage while she and her family lived in a luxury house. One user noted that “no, they are not being mistreated, but you would think that someone in the mansion would have a dog room inside the mansion, not in the garage,” as another believed that the puppies were sent to the Kardashian garage. because having them in the house would not “match” their “aesthetics”.

Meanwhile, several others also commented and admitted that they didn’t believe the installation was so bad, and one said: “You all know that her garage is heated to the fullest. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.”

A business woman and a lawyer undergoing training is definitely known for her “aesthetics”, her personal fashion and home are always perfectly thought out. Her choice of clothes used to cause her some problems: her 2022 Met Gala dress drew criticism about the weight she lost to fit into it, whether she should wear it at all, and the museum that owned the dress was forced to come forward. and she bluntly stated that she had not damaged Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

She even recently admitted that all of her home employees have an approved color palette from which they can choose when it comes to what they wear at work at her home, so we know she likes her environment to be “zen.” However, this does not guarantee that her dogs will stay in the garage all the time, and not enjoy life in the house as part of the family. Kardashian didn’t talk about the situation, but we hope Sushi and Sake are really as happy as they looked in this video.


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