PES is Now Called eFootball, Changes Engine and Will Be Free


PES: This Wednesday (21), Konami released a new trailer for its football game franchise, revealing that Pro Evolution Soccer has been renamed to just eFootball and will be free for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and mobile.

The games line will no longer have annual releases; eFootball has been defined as “a football simulation platform”, will use Unreal Engine 4 and promises crossplay between consoles, computers and cell phones.

The game will be available between September and December this year — valid only for consoles and PC. Check out the revelation in the video below.

The future with eFootball

At launch, the game will offer local friendly matches with nine clubs — the company has not yet announced all available teams. New modes will be added later and some will be paid for, but Konami didn’t specify.

More details on the monetization of the game and the clubs offered will be displayed in August. However, the eFootball website has reported the current update schedule.

Following this map, we can expect support for crossplay, online leagues, a team building mode and the “Match Pass” system, a service similar to the battle passes in games like Warzone and Apex Legends, between September and December 2021. Enter December and March 2022, the game will feature esports tournaments, support for smartphone controls and the creation of cross-platform matches with mobile.

Unreal Engine 4

Seitaro Kimura, producer of the series, stated in interviews with the IGN portal that the graphics engine was chosen due to the agility it provides for the development of the game and the scalability to meet different hardware demands.

To create realistic movements, eFootball uses “Motion Matching” technology, which converts variations in the players’ bodies into series of animations, which are selected taking into account gameplay criteria, such as the speed of the athlete and the position of the ball.

The gameplay is being assembled with Konami’s custom tools, and Kimura said the game will focus on “1v1” situations between offense and defense. The game will also offer changes to the control scheme, with a revamped run button and more options for dribbling defense — all the details haven’t been released yet.

“It was a big decision to change certain buttons that fans have been used to for years, but we aimed to make everything more realistic and responsive to the player’s initial idea,” Kimura told IGN.