Personal information of 266 thousand crypto investors revealed


Personal data of 266 thousand people registered in a cryptocurrency fund were published online. The data includes email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and mobile numbers.

Ashot Oganesyan, technology director of cyber security company DeviceLock, announced that the personal data of 266 thousand people registered in the Trident Crypto Fund, a Malta-based cryptocurrency fund, are published on a number of file sharing sites.

According to the news from CoinDesk’s Russian newspaper Izvestia, the stolen data contained e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, passwords, IP addresses.

It is unclear who the team members of the fund are and where they are registered or where they are physically located. According to Crypto Fund Research, the fund is based in Malta and offers its clients the opportunity to invest in the “top 10 cryptocurrencies” index.

Just last week, a lot of data from users of the derivative exchange Digitex was captured and some of them were broadcast on a Telegram channel.


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