Personal gym technology also used in NASA


OYO NOVA Gym, which was developed for those who cannot find time to go to the gym, is like a gym that you hold in your hand. The device, which is intended to make it easier to do sports in your bag, whenever you travel, at home, in the office, and anywhere you can think of, is currently breaking a record on Kickstarter. Positioned as a portable gym, OYO NOVA Gym looks really good.

OYO NOVA Gym: Portable gym
The Corona virus outbreak has taught us many things. These include things related to our spending more time at home. We are trying to learn how to spend this long time at home more efficiently. We are at home during the quarantine process, and sports are among the neglected things.

We see many sports equipment and exercise technologies to overcome this. One of them, OYO NOVA Gym, is also known as a personal gym, while taking on the task of a portable gym.

The project, which is currently opened to funding via Kickstarter, has set a goal of $ 30,000, but at the end of the day, this product literally reached a support of $ 2 million 474 thousand 755, and this support continues to increase constantly.

On the promotional page of the product, Kickstarter is the second highest funded fitness product in the history of OYO Personal Gymnasium. The biggest advantage of this sports equipment, which is a very ambitious product, is definitely small size. This foldable device is a sports device where you can put it in your bag whenever you want and take it out of your bag wherever you want.

OYO NOVA Gym, which comes adjustable with different power options, appeals to both high-weight employees and those who do sports just to stay fit. One of the first to use the technology of the product is NASA. Paul Francis, founder of OYO Fitness, invented the first resistive exercise device NASA iRED for NASA using patented SpiraFlex technology.

Consequently, this product, which is equipped with SpiraFlex technology, is reported to have experienced more than 50 employees at NASA for 10 years and obtained positive results in terms of muscle building and a more fit appearance.

It is reported that this sports equipment, which is said to have a successful result, uses SpiraFlex resistance, which feels smooth and linear like free weight without weight or momentum.


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