Persona 6 would drop a key series due to Persona 5


It’s time for Persona to ditch a key series staple in its next main game, especially after the popularity of Persona 5 and Joker.

Persona has always had its fanbase, but it wasn’t until Joker and the Phantom Thieves that it peaked in the Western Hemisphere, now, it’s more popular than ever, but that in itself presents a big problem: how can Persona 6 outperform Persona 5?

It’s an old question for sequels, especially given the tendency for sequels to not perform as well as their predecessors, in short, Persona 6 has an Elder Scrolls 6 problem. Staying true to the series but being bigger than ever has to be a goal for every game, but at least for Persona, there is a solid option that would solve many future problems for the franchise: character creation.

Persona 5: Joker and the Phantom Thieves

The main protagonist of Persona 5 is Joker, who follows the trend of a detailed male protagonist who has appeared in all games, but Joker is the most popular protagonist in the franchise.

That means following Joker in the same way runs the great risk of being compared to the character and not being able to compare him, after all, given that every Persona game features an entirely new cast, saying goodbye to Joker and the Phantom Thieves is already. a daunting task.

The easiest solution to keeping track of Joker is just not doing it, it’s about time Persona reinvented itself once again, and by allowing fans to create their own protagonist, you avoid this simple problem.

With a blank slate and a high level of role-playing potential, comparing the Joker to a custom-made character would be like comparing apples to oranges. Also, a custom character in Persona 6 would open a lot of doors that simply need to be opened in the game.

Person 6: A new character?

The social elements of Persona are perhaps its biggest draw, but the problem is that its social elements are basic.

For example, there are really only options for romance or platonic relationships, and things like a “best friend” are something that you can’t really do.

The franchise has moved on in many ways, which can be seen in how the ridiculous female jealousy system from Persona 3 was removed, and a custom character where players can project onto the character also means more inclusive romance options.

If players wanted to be gay or bisexual, for example, there should be romantic options in Persona 6 that lend them this kind of playstyle.

If players wanted to be romantic women and men, that should be available to them too. Persona has a wide fanbase, there’s little question about it, and allowing them to create their own character means allowing them to celebrate who they are within the Persona franchise as well.

Really, character creation for Persona is something that is overdue, and Joker’s popularity could play a big role in ensuring that it is met in the next game, whenever it is presumed to be released.

The exact content of Persona 6, even if it is in development or not, is still up in the air, but it has to respond to the success of Persona 5 in some way. And the best way to do that is to kill two birds with one stone: by avoiding the heartaches of a new character who lives up to the Joker, Atlus could allow players to insert himself and genuinely manifest his personality in the game.


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