Persona 5 Royal: How to use a mailbox



Where is the “Mailbox” located? When to send “business cards”

With over 100 hours of gameplay, there are many hidden features that are easy to miss in Persona 5 Royal. Most of the game time will be spent stealing hearts or increasing the rating of trusted persons. However, players who spend time exploring Tokyo may find it worthwhile. There are various attractions and activities that can increase social statistics or increase the maximum number of HP and SP. One thing that many people may miss when they first start is the mailbox.

Towards the middle of Persona 5 Royal, players will be able to send fake business cards to their proxies. Business cards are items available in the game for a limited time. If players want to get an extra point for a proxy, they should consider using a mailbox. Fortunately, this is easy to do, and it takes almost no effort from the Joker to send the cards to his proxies.

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Where is the “Mailbox” located?

The mailbox is located in Yongen Jaya, next to the cinema, opposite the department store. Interacting with him when the Joker does not have the necessary items in his inventory will not give anything. In addition, Confidant gifts, such as a watercolor postcard, cannot be put in the mailbox.

The mailbox is only really here if the players need a few more points for the proxy. For most of the game, players won’t be able to use the mailbox because they need one type of item.

Once Ghost Thieves start gaining popularity, they will be able to buy business cards at a discount store in Shibuya. They cost 500 yen and can only be bought one at a time.

If the phone card is “sold out”, go to the store the next day. Players should keep an eye on the Phansite popularity poll. If anonymous messages call for Ghost Thieves to destroy Okumura, then postcards with the appeal should be available at a Discount store. As soon as Ghost Thieves begin to lose popularity (after Okumura), draft cards can no longer be bought.

When to send “business cards”

With a postcard for calls, interact with the mailbox in Yongen-Jaya, and a list of the Joker’s proxies will appear. Those who can still raise the rank will be eligible to receive a business card.

This is perfect for trusted individuals who just need one more point to advance to the next rank. To check the connection with a trusted person, the Joker can talk to him and select “Check the connection with [the Character]”. If the Joker thinks: “I don’t think my connection with [the character] will get any stronger…”, which means that the Confidant needs one or two points for the Joker to reach the next Rank.

To check if the proxy is ready to upgrade, press the R1 button to open the card. Any area with a blue card means that a trusted person is available for communication during the day.

Hover your mouse over one of the areas and click “Square” (PS4) to open the list. If the trustee’s name does not have a giant letter “UP!” written next to it, then it means that they are missing several trusted persons. Those who lack the “UP!” button are those to whom the Joker should send postcards with calls.

Keep in mind that postcards with an appeal can be bought only once a day during September-October/Okumura arches. This means that the Joker will only be able to send one at a time. There are days when there are no products in the Discount Store, so make a habit of checking. Using a mailbox does not waste daytime/evening time.

Persona 5 Royal is already available on PS4. The release of PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass is scheduled for October 21, 2022.