Persona 5 Royal: How to Get Protein and How it Works


How to Get Protein in Persona 5 Royal How to Use Protein

Persona 5 Royal brought huge changes to the original Persona 5, significantly expanding the popular JRPG from P-Studio and Atlus. In addition to an entire extra semester of history, Persona 5 Royal has also redesigned many everyday activities from which players can choose, including physical training.

Being a Ghost Thief is a tedious job, and the Joker must be in great shape to survive in the many palaces of Persona 5 Royal. Fortunately, players can train at home or at the Shibuya Gym to increase their HP and SP, as well as boost their results with protein.

How to Get Protein in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal has a huge amount of consumables and bonuses that players can collect, but three types of protein are among the most useful. All proteins restore 30% of an ally’s health when used in combat, but using them outside of combat can help the Joker get a bigger boost from his physical fitness.

The cheapest of the three is simply called Protein, and players can find it in unlimited quantities at 2,000 yen apiece at the Rocinante Discount Store.

Moist Protein is slightly more effective and costs 4,500 yen at the Next Ace Sports Shop in Shibuya Persona 5 Royal. Unlike protein, wet protein can only be bought once a day.

Finally, there is Imported Protein, which can also be found in the Next Ace sports store, but it costs 8000 yen and is replenished only once a month. Players can also buy proteins with cheap kits on the Home Shopping Channel on May 1, July 3 and January 15.

How to use Protein

Although protein can be used in Persona 5 Royal battles to restore 30% of an ally’s health, players are strongly advised to keep it for training.

This can be either a home workout in the Joker’s room, which will become available at the beginning of the first semester, or a workout in the protein lovers gym in Shibuya, which opens after the player reaches rank 5 with a chariot or rank 8 with a trusted lover.

Players will be given the opportunity to use protein and which one to use when they start training. Here’s what each of the proteins will add to any workout they apply to:

Home Workout with Protein: +1 HP Gym Workout: +2 HP, +1 SP Home Workout with Wet Protein: +2 HP Gym Workout: +3 HP, +2 SP Imported Protein Home Workout: +4 HP Gym Workout: +5 HP, +3 SP

Given that the training takes time that could be spent on improving the social statistics of Persona 5 Royal or confidants, players should always try to use protein to maximize the effect.

Persona 5 Royal is already available on PS4. The release of PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass is scheduled for October 21, 2022.