Persona 5 Royal: How to defeat Okumura


The best setup against Okumura Okumura Passing the boss battle

As a remaster of Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal has improved palaces and added new phases to the original boss fights. Notably, Kunikazu Okumura from the Fifth Palace has received a burst of difficulty that can make it extremely frustrating for some to win. To make matters worse, he’s the first (and, thankfully, the last) a boss fight that has a countdown timer. If players fail to defeat him within 30 minutes, they will instantly end the game.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make Okumura’s battle easier in Persona 5 Royal. The first is to reach level 44 before sending a business card. Secondly, to ensure that certain proxies are as developed as possible, or at least far enough away to get the right benefits. Finally, players must have Skills that can erase enemy buffs and heal their team’s status ailments.

Best placement against Okumura

The best way to fight Okumura is to create a team in advance. Since the battle with Okumura’s boss largely depends on how Okumura enhances his robots, players will want to bring along a Persona or a Ghost Thief who can use Decaya. This is a non-damaging spell that removes the positive effects imposed on enemies. Ann Takamaki/The panther learns this spell at the 16th level. Those who accidentally erased the Decai can ask Ann to re-learn the Ability by going to the confessional in Kanda. Another useful spell is Decunda, which removes debuffs from all allies.

If the level of the Panther is too low or the players simply do not want to use it, then they can get a Deck of the following Persons:

The person studies at this level. Saraswati 52 Orobas already possesses at the merger. Raphael already has at the merger. Anzu 28 Flauros Already has an alloy. Succubus 10 Obarien 12 Shiki-Oji 21 Kumbhanda 45

In addition, players can get a Deck as a skill card by putting Mokoi in the electric chair during the synthesis alarm. Thus, any of the Joker’s characters can learn the Deck.

Recommended command

Recommended team to participate in this battle:

Panther (for Dekaja) Noir (for Mapsio and Amrita Drop) Morgana or Queen (for Mediarama, Magaru and Rakukaja/Masukukaja)

Depending on the characters of the Joker, this composition can be changed and swapped, but it is recommended to have Morgana and Noir.

The next thing players will want to check is that every teammate has an Ma Ability. These are Kinship Abilities (for example: Frey, Psio, Agi) that hit all enemies. By this point in the game, each Ghost Thief had to have learned at least one of their respective Ma Spells.

Players must have a Ghost Thief who can strengthen the team with Precision/Evasion or Defense. Yusuke will study Masukukaya (Accuracy Buff/Evasion in a group of 3 moves) at level 49, and Joanna will study the Maracucaya (Defense buff in a group of 3 moves) at level 48. If these characters only have Sukukaya and Rakukaya, then players should just cast them. The Ghost thief that Okumura was targeting.

Milady, the Haru/Noir Persona, will get Amrita Drop when she first joins. Players will want to keep this because this spell frees the group from all ailments. During the fight, Okumura will put a Hunger Sickness on the whole team, so they should have this spell just in case.


If players don’t have the right spells, they should make sure they have the following items and equipment:

Subject Description Location Price Requirements Epiphany water Works the same way as Decaya (removes all positive effects from enemies). Kanda 1,000 is only available on Sundays Kajaclear-R Removes all stat buffs imposed on one enemy. Takemi Clinic 1900 Rank 5 Death Proxy Kundaclear-R Will remove all debuffs of characteristics for one ally. Takemi Clinic 1900 5th rank Death Warning capsules. Heals dizziness/oblivion/sleep/hunger for one ally. Takemi Clinic 800 (discount 400) N/A Hunger Gem Nulls Hunger. Diamond Tsurukame (Shibuya Mall) 80,000 N/A SP Adhesive 3 Restores SP every turn. Takemi Clinic 100,000

Trusted persons

It is best to have a trusted Hifumi at the 10th rank for the system ability of Togo. This allows players to swap the current group members for the remaining group members on someone’s turn. This will save you from having to go back to the Joker just to swap places.

In addition, having Maruka’s confidant on the 2nd rank will give the Joker the “Detox X” ability, which sometimes cures any status illness he may get. Please note that this will only work for the Joker and not for other Ghost Thieves. However, if the Joker gets hungry during the boss battle, Detox X can work and save the turn.

Passing the battle with the boss Okumura

Okumura Battle has a timer for 30 minutes. Since there are quite a lot of conversations during this boss battle, players will want to hold down the Triangle/Y button to skip it.

To defeat Okumura, players need to destroy all robots at the same time. If one robot remains standing after three of its allies are defeated, it will run away.