Persona 5 Royal: All exam answers


If newcomers to Persona 5 Royal want to get as many proxies as possible in their first playthrough, they will want to keep their social statistics. Some of these characteristics are more difficult to score points for than others, but, fortunately, this does not apply to the social characteristic of knowledge. In everyday life, the main character must behave like an honest student, which means answering questions in class and passing exams well.

In class, the main character’s homeroom teacher sometimes asks him or Ann Takamaki to answer a question. Persona 5 Royal has at least a few questions per month with four exam periods distributed throughout the academic year. Correct answers give one point to Knowledge. If you help Ann find the right answer in class, players will also get points in favor of her proxy, so don’t forget to help.

April Class Questions and Answers

Date Question Answer 12/4 Tell me what the “Devil’s Dictionary” has identified as the main factor of human progress? Villains 4/19 Between A and B… which line seems longer…? They are the same. 4/23 In what sport, besides music, theater and chariot racing, did Nero win by participating in the Olympic Games? All of them. 4/25 What did this phrase originally mean? “My country, right or wrong”? But the original meaning is different? So I think it’s going to be something like… You support it unconditionally. You have to fix it. 4/27 Do you know the name of the theorem named after this number? The four-color theorem is 4/30 First, the “amazing” part probably means… Next, the “good” part. Maybe… Yes, it should be so. “Kind” means a child… or at least a young guy, in your case. Be surprised. Kid. A child prodigy.

May class questions, answers and exams

May marks the first appearance of exams in Persona 5 Royal. They usually cover four game days. During this time, the Joker will not be able to meet with his proxies, go to Mementos, etc. In addition, the Joker’s evening time will also be blocked, which will block only evening proxies (such as Sojiro) and other exclusive evening events. .

The correct answer to the question during the exam will not bring the Joker Knowledge points. However, getting high grades will give you Charm points when the exam results are published.

Date Question Answer 5/7 So, how does the phrase “femme fatale” literally translate? A femme fatale. 5/10 You know what period of time Yoshitsune was active, don’t you? The Heian period. 5/11 (Exam) Which historical figure inspired the idiom for the expression “approval of the magistrate”? Minamoto no Yoshitsune. 11.05 (Exam) Yoshitsune had a brother, right? Uh, I think his name was… Minamoto no Yoritomo. 5/11 (Exam) But in the end they came into conflict. And in the end, when they had to confront each other… Yoritomo won. 5/11 (Exam) This is probably because people tend to have less sympathy for those in power and more sympathy for the… weak. 5/12 (Exam) What brain function is responsible for the phenomenon of seeing the illusion in this picture? Cognition. 5/12 (Exam) Which of the following maps can be drawn so that adjacent areas are not of the same color? Both. 5/13 (Exam) Name a book in which the “malefactor” is defined as the main factor of human progress. The Devil’s Dictionary. 5/13 (Exam) Which character archetype refers to a mysterious and seductive woman, usually with ulterior motives? A femme fatale. 5/16 What do we call the phenomenon when faith in the power of treatment is enough to improve your condition? The placebo effect. 5/21 Golden Ratio is 1:1,618, but do you know the silver ratio? 1:1.414. 5/23 If you think about what these words have in common, then maybe “sin” means… And “aistesis”, eh? It’s a bit like the word “aesthetics”. I wonder if this means… So the full word basically means… Together. Feelings. Feelings converge. 5/26 Do you know which author Leblanc borrowed from? Arthur Conan Doyle 5/31 Do you know which historical figure with a short-legged parrot became the visual designation of pirates? John Silver

June cool questions and answers

Date Question Answer 6/4 What do you think is the name of this phenomenon? The halo effect. 6/7 Red Kamchatka crab is associated with hermit crab. So how is it different from a crab…? Do you know? The number of legs. 6/8 In what way does totalitarianism take a step forward than authoritarianism? Management of public opinion. 6/13 What color do you think it turns into? Green. 6/15 Which of the paper banknotes and coins are issued by the state? Coins 6/20 What do you think? There are minor metals in one of them, right? Smartphone. 6/23 Some say this card was based on a woman named Joan… Do you know what position this woman occupied? Dad. 6/27 Which of these animals are used in the English idiom about the weather? Dogs.