A Person Using Clorocine Supported by Trump for Coronary Virus Treatment Lost


A man who used chlorokinine, which US President Donald Trump says he works for coronavirus treatment, to avoid catching coronavirus died. Experts warn that caution should be exercised in the use of chlorokinin, the effect of which is uncertain in the treatment of coronavirus.

Drug studies for the treatment of coronavirus continue as quickly as possible. Experts warn that people are not careful about the drugs that are abundantly named, so any medication is not definitely effective on the disease.

Despite all the warnings of the experts, US President Donald Trump stated at a press conference that a medicine called chloroquine used in the treatment of malaria works in the treatment of coronavirus.

After Trump’s statement, an elderly couple living in the US state of Arizona used chloroquine phosphate to avoid coronavirus. The chloroquine phosphate used by the couple afraid of coronavirus was not in drug form. The couple used a form of chloroquine used to treat fish parasites instead of the drug chloroquine phosphate.

The elderly couple started vomiting 20 minutes after mixing a teaspoon of chloroquine phosphate with soda. Her 68-year-old wife began to have difficulty breathing. The 68-year-old man from the elderly couple, who reached the medics, could not escape despite all the interventions.

The couple in question are not the first to be poisoned using chloroquine after Trump’s comments. Many cases of poisoning using chloroquine in Nigeria were reported one day after Trump’s press release.

At the same time as Trump’s comments, FDA manager Dr. Stephen Hahn said that chlorocine may be the right medicine, but if it is not used in the right dosage, it can do far more harm than good.

On the other hand, the French High Council of Public Health has called for not to use chlorocine, except in the case of severe coronavirus. The High Council of Public Health of France stated that strict medical supervision should be used in the use of chlorokinin.

Despite Trump’s comments, the laboratory results regarding the success of chlorocine in coronavirus therapy are not yet stable. Experts say that chloroquine is a single successful use case for coronavirus.

Serious side effects of chlorokine, one of the oldest known malaria drugs, also makes it controversial to use in treatment. Chloroquine can cause heart rhythm disorder along with vision problems. Doctors also state that in rare cases, the drug can cause sudden death.


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