Perseverance sends new photos from Mars


Perseverance, sent to Mars by NASA, sent color photographs from the planet’s surface. The spacecraft, which informs us about what the planet’s surface looks like, became the agenda on social media with the color photos it sent.

NASA sent a reconnaissance craft to space on July 30, under the name of the Mars 2020 mission. After a long journey, the Red Planet landed on February 18. He shared two black and white photos from the first landing, we transferred the images to you.

Perseverance posted new images

In a press release today, NASA stated that no mission has ever been able to descend before. “The moment my team has been dreaming for years is now real,” via Perseverance’s Twitter account. dropping the note and shared the image taken just before the wheels hit the ground.

In another post by Perveseverance, “I love rocks. Look at the stuff right next to my wheels. Is it volcanic or sedimentary? What story are they telling? I can’t wait to learn. ” expressions were used. We look forward to what the spacecraft will do on the Red Planet in the coming days.

Please state in the comments what you would like the spacecraft Perseverance to do on the Mars surface after the long wait.


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