Perseverance: NASA Shows How The Rover Manages To Take Selfies on Mars


Perseverance: Since the arrival of the Perseverance rover on Mars, NASA has received several images of the robot. Among the more than 20 thousand images of the red planet, the space vehicle also took the opportunity to send some “selfies”. The first, taken in April, shows only the rover’s mast and the second, the robot appears alongside its companion Ingenuity.

But after all, how does Perseverance manage to take pictures of itself? According to NASA, the rover uses a navigation camera in its robotic arm. With it, the vehicle maneuvers its “hand” to be able to photograph itself.

The process

The Watson camera used by him was developed to take specific close-up shots of rock textures, and therefore only cover a small part of the scene. Thus, it was necessary to command the rover so that it took a sequence of 62 small photos, which were joined one by one, to reach the published result.

In addition, the team responsible for Perseverance needed to work “on Mars time” and, according to NASA, the professionals spent the night making all the necessary adjustments to make the selfie work.


Through the photos, NASA engineers can verify the level of wear on the vehicle. But beyond that, the images inspire others to work at the US Space Agency.

“I, for example, decided to get into this business when I saw a photo of Sojourner, NASA’s first rover on Mars,” said Vandi Verma, chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). To check out the entire process of Perseverance’s first selfie on Mars, visit the website.


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