Perseverance audio reveals how loud it is to drive on Mars


As Perseverance explores the surface of Mars, a sensitive microphone picked up the sounds made by the probe. Surprisingly, the 27-meter rover makes a lot of noise when traveling on Martian terrain.

An audio released by NASA brings the sound emitted by the wheels of the space vehicle crushing the ground of the Jezero crater. In addition, it is possible to hear the roars and creaks of the probe’s mobility system.

“Many people when they see the images, they don’t realize that the wheels are made of metal. When you’re driving with these wheels on stones, it’s really noisy, ”says Vandi Verma, a senior NASA engineer and Perseverance driver.

The records were captured by the microphone of the operating system of entry, descent and landing (EDL) in the probe. Thus, the microphone also served as a tool for scientists who were eager to hear the sounds of the Martian surface.

“If I heard these noises driving my car, I would stop and ask for a trailer. But if you consider what you’re listening to and where it was recorded, it makes perfect sense, ”says Dave Gruel, chief engineer for Perseverance’s EDL camera and microphone subsystem.

Origin of creaks and bangs

At the moment, Perseverance’s engineering team is trying to discover the origin of the most acute squeaks that have been recorded by the EDL subsystem. So, they point out some possibilities.

First, the engineers believe that the sounds are being produced by the rover’s mobility system. However, they do not rule out the possibility of electromagnetic interference from one of the spacecraft’s electronic boxes.

In a month on Mars, Perseverance has been presenting incredible stories about the planet. For example, the spacecraft sent videos and a panoramic view of the star’s surface, as well as it caught a swirl of dust.


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