How to Perform Fortnite’s 9th Week of Deadpool Themes?


Fortnite, which has millions of players, has become Deadpool themed 9th week missions. Players who complete two different Deadpool missions in the new week can get the X-Force Deadpool cosmetic item. We told you how to do these tasks for you.

Fortnite, which is one of the most popular survival games of today, has appeared before the players with its new season in the past months. With the arrival of the new season, new missions are added to the game every week, and players can get various rewards by doing these missions. In this context, the game was added to the game in the 9th week under the name of Midas’ Mission.

In the V12.40 update, data miners previously leaked that there will be Deadpool related quests and rewards in their 9th week’s missions. With the arrival of the new week, the content and rewards of these missions have been announced. One of the tasks that needs to be completed at this point is Deadpool’s Find Your Shorts. By completing this task, it is possible to have X-Force Deadpool cosmetics. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at where you can find Deadpool’s shorts without further ado.

Where are Deadpool’s shorts located?
Many players who have completed the quest say that it is necessary to look into Midas’ Room to locate Deadpool’s shorts. The Room of Midas, which you can access through the Battle Pass screen, is the most likely place to find Deadpool’s shorts. According to many players, the shorts are on the chair just behind Midas in the room. You can see the exact position of the shorts from the image above.

After completing this quest, another 9th week quest, Deadpool’s Greeting Greet must be completed. Achieving both missions, players can unlock the X-Force Deadpool special cosmetic item.

Fortnite Episode 2: The release date of Season 3 has been postponed:
Epic Games, which recently released a statement, announced that the 2nd Episode: Season 3, which players are eagerly awaiting, will come about 1.5 months later than expected. Although this decision was not directly given by the coronavirus, the study restrictions caused by the epidemic are thought to be effective in this decision.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 is not the first season that Epic Games has decided to postpone. The developer firm had also made delay decisions in the previous seasons. You can browse our article to learn more about this topic, you can follow our site to be informed about more developments like this.