Perfitt will measure your shoe size with artificial intelligence


If you find it difficult to find a suitable shoe according to your foot shape, artificial intelligence has come to your rescue. The Perfitt R device removes your mold and makes a millimeter matching in the database.

In general, a shoemaker may need several trials to find a product that fits your foot exactly. These trials both disturb the consumer and cause the employees to engage more.

What is Perfitt R?
The box-shaped device called Perfitt R, which was introduced at CES 2020, provides a complete profile of your foot with the help of artificial intelligence and presents all compatible shoe models in the store to your liking. So you save both time and energy.

A mold and two cameras are used to profile your foot. Perfitt R, which removes the mold of the foot in millimeters, then makes a comparison with the shoe models that are molded on the Perfitt S tool.

In addition to the foot size, factors that affect comfort, such as combs, are analyzed to match the best shoe. The important factor here is that too many shoe molds are stored in the database.

Perfitt R boxes are available in 5 stores in South Korea. You will also be able to compare your personal data from Perfitt R boxes in online stores. The initiative continues to explore the potential of the project.


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