Perfect Dark ve Kirby 64, Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Last Tuesday (15), news appeared on the network that the version of Super Mario 64 present in Super Mario 3D All-Stars will run on an emulator for Switch, possibly developed by NERD. After a more extensive check on some data, the information comes that it contains other titles that were released for Nintendo 64.

As you can see in the message below that appeared on Twitter, the codes mention Kirby 64, Mario Golf, Mario Story, Mario Tennis, Perfect Dark and Pokémon Snap. Although there is still no official confirmation, some already believe that such games may appear at some point on Switch Online.

A detail worth mentioning is that such codes apparently had already appeared on the Wii U Virtual Console, so we have to wait a little longer before taking any information as something that is sure to materialize in the near future.

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