Perfect Dark: Phil Spencer Is Excited About The Franchise Rescue


Perfect Dark: The surprise announcement of a new game in the Perfect Dark series during The Game Awards 2020 delighted not only fans of the franchise, but also Phil Spencer, Xbox boss. In an interview with the IGN podcast, he highlighted the importance of having one more female protagonist among the main faces of the platform.

“I think it’s amazing that we can focus on a female lead for our cast,” celebrated Phil. “We don’t have a lot of them yet in our first party game lineup, and I think Joanna brings us a lot of opportunities to work with more modern themes, something I love to see our team working on. She IS a very strong heroine!”

Phil also praised the talent of the new studio The Initiative, which is running the project. He also highlighted the value of the arrival of veteran Darrel Gallagher (formerly Activision and Crystal Dynamics), who helped revive the Tomb Raider franchise in its reboot:

“Gallagher did a great job in Warcraft and reimagining Tomb Raider, so we were looking for the best work for him here on Xbox. When the subject of Joanna Dark came up, it was something he got excited about right away!”

Let’s hope The Initiative can take the series back to its Nintendo 64 glory days, as the Xbox 360 launch of Perfect Dark Zero was so coldly received that it put the franchise on the ice. What do you expect from the new Perfect Dark? Comment below!


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