Perfect Dark: Find Out Why Crystal Dynamics Will Help With The Reboot


Perfect Dark: A few days ago, Microsoft’s The Initiative studio announced it had hired Crystal Dynamics to work on Perfect Dark reboot. The revelation led to several theories about what was going on in the game’s production, but it seems that the reason is quite simple.

According to Venture Beat, the production of the game responsible for restarting the franchise starring Joanna Dark reached a stage where it would begin to accelerate more and more, requiring a lot of manpower.

The speed at which the project was moving began to exceed the studio’s expectations, and new hires would be needed in the short term. But because of the pandemic, the people at Initiative were unable to bring more developers to the team.

There was concern that possible miscoordination could be caused by a very rapid increase in the number of employees in the company, but the team needed more people working on the title. That’s when Darrell Gallagher, who previously worked at Crystal Dynamics, came in suggesting a partnership to create the series’ reboot.

Gallagher, who is the head of the studio created by Xbox Studios, thought it would be easier to work with a team he already knew. Thus, the company responsible for reintroducing the Tomb Raider franchise to a new generation of gamers and consoles ended up agreeing to participate in the production of the new game.

The site also claims that for Microsoft executives, the action is similar to that seen when Certain Affinity helped produce the Master Chief Collection game, as well as when Sega’s Creative Assembly worked on Age of Empires 4.

Perfect Dark’s reboot was announced in December last year, during TGA 2020, and is still in production — but still without further information and release forecast.


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