Percy Jackson’s Disney Show Can Still Avoid One Major Casting Mistake


The upcoming Disney+ series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” should attract all the significant participants of the half-blood camp so that they continue later in the show. In May 2020, Rick Riordan announced that Disney+ would adapt his favorite fantasy series for the middle class, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” as a television series. The star of the Adam project, Walker Scobell, will play the main character, a powerful teenage demigod who trains at Camp Half-blood with other pious children.

Camp Half-Blood and its inhabitants were the basis of a book series that was completely ignored by the infamous film adaptations of Percy Jackson. When Percy arrives at the camp confused and alone, he is met with love (sometimes tough) from a new family of demigods and mythological creatures. Some tourists are introduced in the series much later, despite the fact that they have presumably been in the camp since Percy’s arrival. For example, the headman of Aphrodite’s cabin and the main rider of Pegasus, Silena Beauregard, the main character of the last two parts of the five-part series, does not appear in the first book and is only briefly mentioned in the second. However, the showrunners of the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” should give priority to bringing “Camp Half-Blood” to life.

To do this, the TV series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” must now involve important characters from later books. In the first book, Percy is in camp for a whole week before going on a quest, so his narrative doesn’t logically mark every member of the community he meets. However, showrunners should use the freedom of television as a visual medium and use characters like Silena in the background of the frames. For example, the camera may move around Silena and her tourists when Percy is giving a tour of the camp, or a training montage may briefly show Percy interacting with Silena in the stables. The TV series is supposed to revitalize Percy’s house by succeeding where the Percy Jackson movies failed. Proactive casting in the name of continuity and peace—building is a logical solution.

How Percy Jackson’s Casting Could Be Better than Harry Potter

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” should learn from the preemptive casting mistakes of another significant adaptation of the book series: the Harry Potter films. Harry Potter films are loved and praised for the wonderful choice of children (especially the “Golden Trio” about Harry Potter). However, the series could benefit from the fact that important characters were involved in later books. For example, Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), a Ravenclaw student a year younger than Harry, is featured in the fifth part of a seven-part book series. The films are true to the original text, as the Moon does not appear until the fifth film. However, since Hogwarts is a fantasy house very similar to Camp Half—Blood, viewers could immerse themselves in Harry’s magical everyday experience if Luna had been chosen earlier as a minor character. This would not detract from the integrity of the films, but instead would further enliven Hogwarts.

However, the Harry Potter films also demonstrate how proactive casting can fail. For example, the Gryffindor student Lavender Brown plays an extremely minor role in the books up to the sixth part. In the film adaptations, she is never mentioned by name and exists only as a minor character. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter creatives were forced to change the actress Lavender Brown three times, because hiring child actors for a long time can be unpredictable. This completely interrupts any attempt at continuity.

Percy Jackson’s casting may be better than Harry Potter’s if he learns from the latter’s mistakes. The show should now hire actors for the main characters in later books, while not forgetting about the schedule, chemistry between the characters, or other long-term conflicts that may arise. Since production began in early June and is still ongoing, Percy Jackson and the Olympians showrunners still have time to thoughtfully pick up characters like Silena.


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