Percy Hines White Draws Attention to Himself as Women Demand His Removal From The Original Netflix “Environment”


While fans love the original Netflix show, Wednesday’s show sparked controversy. Starring Jenna Ortega, it became the second most popular English-language Netflix series in three weeks after its release. The series became widely popular among viewers because they loved Jenna Ortega’s game. However, another co-star named Percy Hines White caught the ladies’ attention on Twitter.

Percy Hines White is a Canadian actor at the age of 21. He is known for his roles in the films “The Edge of Winter” and “A Christmas Horror Story” for his role in the TV series “Between”. The actor recently starred as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix original show Wednesday. Several women have accused him of sexual harassment and are demanding that he be removed from the show.

Percy Hines White is getting attention because women are demanding his removal from the show.

Although he played one of the most interesting roles in the series, despite the fact that the show received positive reviews from critics, dark clouds may hang around the show. Some women from White’s high school wrote about it on Twitter and demanded that he be removed from the show, reports . The reason is that they accused the 21-year-old actor of sexually assaulting women at school.

A Twitter user under the nickname @milkievich began allegations that White and his friends would allegedly invite women who would look attractive. Having invited them, they engaged in sexual intercourse with them. When this woman came out and told about it, she was soon joined by others who also shared their experiences.

Reportedly, this behavior of the Canadian actor lasted up to 17 years and older. Moreover, the young actor posted his nude photos online without consent. Those who have suffered from these problems now want to remove the actor from the environment. Although White turned off comments on his posts, a short clip of him from the show appeared again. The clip shows how he uses racial slurs.


However, no one from the streaming giant or from the show has said anything yet. But charges were filed against the actor on Wednesday. However, there is a possibility that women can file a lawsuit through a Canadian court.

Despite the show, fans will have to wait to see what happens next. In the meantime, feel free to share your opinion about this situation with us.


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